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Since 1912

The world’s finest saffron is named after the mausoleum to eternal love. The Taj Mahal® brand is the result of a trip by Valeriano González to India, where he fell in love with the country and its majestic Taj Mahal, the most international symbol of love by emperor Shah Jahan to his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

More than a century has passed and Taj Mahal® has become a global leader brand, highly valued by millions of households thanks to its exceptional quality and properties. Today, the 4th generation of the Gonzalez Family continues committed to the brand mission of providing saffron at its finest form. Taj Mahal® is born from our passion to our roots and is a unique tribute to saffron lovers worldwide.

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Taj Mahal® was born as a dream and is now my legacy

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Valeriano González

Founder of Taj Mahal®

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Finest quality

Taj Mahal® is carefully selected by our saffron masters and delicately hand-processed to ensure its properties reach you at its best.

Only the best harvests are good enough for our Taj Mahal® brand. Thanks to these high demanding standards, our saffron provides an intense color, an exquisite flavor and a unique aroma capable of captivating even the most discerning pallates. Excellence guaranteed, from the fields to your home.
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Our Products

Discover our unique range of products created for the enjoyment and delight of all your senses.
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Where to find us?

Taj Mahal® brand is available in more than 25 countries with presence in leading retail outlets. For further information on where to find our products, contact us.

Saffron Masters

Each flower has three stigmas attached to its yellow style. These stigmas are what make up the saffron strands as we know them today.

The delicateness and craftsmanship in the collection process, along with its characteristic elegance, give the spice an essential gastronomic richness.
In fact, to obtain a kilo of saffron, takes no more nor less than 160.000 flowers.

The Taj Mahal® Cook Book

Our products are highly appreciated and used in many recipes across the different cuisines in the world. Taj Mahal® is considered one of the most precious ingredients and a must have in the kitchen of the most reputed Chef's internationally.

In the Taj Mahal Cook Book you will discover recipes that will take you to new and exciting culinary experiences. This Cook Book is a collaborative and live project in which all the Taj Mahal® community takes active part by sharing their own recipes and experience. Join our community through any of our social media platforms and share your recipes and experiences.

The Taj Mahal® community

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The Taj Mahal community

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